Sub-Zero; A Scoop of Icy Science

There is a new way to chill out this summer in Pittsburgh, Sub-Zero Ice Cream. This thick and rich ice cream is created with science and each visit is a great spectacle. 

Really fun sundaes made with science!

The Science Behind Sub-Zero

The skinny on this new ice cream phenomenon is a multi-step process that results in a sweet dessert. There is a set menu of you can build your own. Guests start by picking the milk or cream. They have a range of cream from full to low-fat and yogurt. They dispense your selection into a big metal bowl. Next, guests can pick a flavor. Chocolate, cotton candy and raspberry are just a few of the flavors. Then guests can select a mix-in. The mix-ins can include fruit, candy, and nuts. 

After all of the ingredients are placed in the big metal bowl it is placed under this unique nozzle contraption. There is then a rushing sound and nitrogen begins to shoot from the nozzle creating this fun smoke show. All the while the employee is churning, chopping and mixing the items together. After a few seconds the smoke quiets and what is left is ice cream. It is then scooped into the freshly made waffle bowl and topped with a sauce or whipped cream.

The Education Behind Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero can come to the classroom or activity at your school. As a special treat, they travel to the activity with a tank and all the fixings. They give an educational presentation on Liquid Nitrogen. Then they perform 4-5 science experiments with Nitrogen and then everyone gets ice cream. Perfect for science class, girl and boy scouts and any sports activity.

Where to Get a Scoop; a Sub-Zero Near You

Currently, there is one in the Pittsburgh area located in the South Hills next to Whole Foods. Sub-Zero is located at 100 Siena Drive #230, Pittsburgh, PA 15241. Hours vary throughout the week and start at 3:00 PM and daytime hours on the weekend starting at 12:00 PM. For more information or to book a science presentation visit

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