St. Clair Social: Food and Cocktails for the Fun Night Out.

Last week there was some hustle and bustle when St. Clair Social opened in the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh around a new bar opening when most Pittsburgh is still closed. After a few minutes in the door, I saw that it didn’t matter, and with the right drinks and food St. Clair Social will open just fine.

St. Clair Social

The Mindful Duo Open St. Clair Social

The dynamic entrepreneur group of Cat Cannon and Cecil Usher of Mindful Hospitality Group is doing it again with a fantastic cocktail menu and atmosphere that is inviting and fun. I snagged a few to go:

The Blue Hawaiian comes as a slushie and is a combination of five different rums, with coconut, pineapple, lime, Demerara, and blue caraço. Refreshing and packs in a punch with the five different rums.

The Negroni at St. Clair Social also comes in slushie form with the standard sweet vermouth, Campari, orange and gin. The Negroni is a great twist on a classic cocktail that is a favorite for any bar connoisseur. 

The Espresso Martini made with cold brew coffee, burnt sugar, Maggie’s farm coffee, and vodka. The Espresso Martini will be one of the few cocktails served on tap; however, it is on the Nitro Tap.

The House Made Old Fashioned is a staple in the Pittsburgh cocktail scene, and the St. Clair Social edition includes a cocktail syrup as the “special ingredient.” The Cocktail Syrup, coupled with Angostura and orange bitters and BIB Bourbon, makes this OldFashioned stand out from other lounges.

The beer list of St. Clair Social includes great neighborhood beers like Corona and Bells Two Hearted, but adds excellent craft options like Crash Course by Cinderlands, and Embrace the Martian by Eleventh Hour Brewing always rotating in local craft beer. 

Starting this week is also To-Go food options, which will be available for dining in the future. Some menu highlights include a Barria Taco: Two-day stewed pork, Chihuahua cheese, diced onion, cilantro, a dipped corn tortilla with fire-roasted tomato salsa. St. Clair Social’s menu also contains a Pizza Burger with an 8oz grilled patty, a Detroit pizza style bun, san Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, and provolone. 

The Food of St. Clair Social

A short time after I wrote this piece, food was added to the menu. The food is defiantly the neighborhood bar food like tacos and wings, but taste that level-up any pub food. I decided to indulge in a few of the apps, making it like a buffet of dishes, but I will be back for a main dish. I ordered: Peach BBQ Wings, Pretzel Stix, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese, “PB” & J (Pork Belly & Jam) and Churro Bites for dessert.

Be Social at St. Clair Social

For the time being, Cocktails, beer, and food (Starting August 13th) is to-go only and soon curbside pickup and delivery through UberEats, DoorDash, and ChowNow. For more information and a full menu visit, and follow on Instagram and Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Eagle Beer and Food Hall Spreads its Wings in a new Pittsburgh Location.

The Eagle Beer and Food Hall had its new location in Pittsburgh in the books for over a year now, but this week finally brought its opening to much fanfare.

The Eagle Food and Beer Hall

The Eagle Beer and Food Hall; Perfect Casual Spot Downtown

Pittsburgh has always tried to have more casual dining downtown for the sports fans and even for the everyday traveler. The Thunderdome Restaurant group had already opened the wildly popular Bakersfield downtown and planned The Eagle to open in March of 2020. The Covid-19 shutdown shuttered the construction and halted the opening. 

The interior of The Eagle is fun and relaxed, with TV all around the horseshoe bar that takes center stage to the floor. Surrounding it are countless high booths and long tables for plenty of seating; at total capacity, the restaurant can hold 150 patrons. To the back and above is an elevated loft perfect for private parties like bachelor parties and graduation parties. The upstairs loft is equipped with two big-screen TVs and lots of seating. 

The Eagle is outfitted in lots of beaten wood, rustic ironwork, and leather for the booths. Our booth comfortably sat 6 with two in high-top chairs. 

The Eagle Brings the Food

The Eagle’s fried chicken is delicious with its double brined and served with spicy hot honey. You can order a 1/4 chicken in either dark or white meat, a 1/2 chicken, or a whole chicken. A half chicken allowed 6 of us to each have a piece. 

The same chicken makes it onto a few sandwiches like the Fried Chicken BLT, a fried chicken breast topped with bacon, mixed greens, tomato, avocado relish, jalapeño honey mayo on rustic Italian bread. 

Other sandwiches include a Fried Chicken sandwich, a Blackened Shrimp Po Boy, and a Grilled Cheese with three kinds of cheese, apricot preserves, Granny Smith Apples on rustic bread.

You can start any meal or have some snacks with your drinks. The Snack menu consists of items like Hush Puppies, Sausage and Kale Dip, and Pimento Cheese Plate. One of their most popular snacks is the Brown Sugar Bacon, a handful of bacon with cayenne and brown sugar served in a cone holder perfect as a shareable. 

There are a plethora of sides to choose from, whether you order chicken or a sandwich. (They have salads also) The sides include Fries, Homemade Biscuits, Spoonbread, and Mac & Cheese.

For the most bang for your buck, there is a Family Meal for parties over six people. It is a selection of salad, sides, and fried chicken. The cost is $16 per person.

The Eagle Libations

While the title below The Eagle states a Food and Beer Hall, the beer list is impressive, but the cocktails are where the imagination goes. The Beer list consists of over thirty bottles and cans with sixteen taps for beer. There is a wine list and a Bourbon Whiskey list with some notable favorites like Elijah Craig and Bookers. 

A table favorite was the Maple Bacon Old Fashioned. This Old Fashioned has Four Roses Single Barrel, Grand Marnier, Maple, Pepper Ginger Bitter, and a glazed piece of bacon hanging out. 

Other cocktails are the BlackBerry Lemonade, the Eagle Iced Tea, and a Penn Ave Crush, an ode to the first location in Pittsburgh; this cocktail is Aperol, Grapefruit, lemon, and Miller Highlife. 

Visit The Eagle Food and Beer Hall

The Eagle Food and Beer Hall is located on Penn Ave, where Eighth Ave meets it. Reservations can be made through Open Table, and there are tables available for walk-in traffic. For more information and a complete menu, visit

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Sub-Zero; A Scoop of Icy Science

There is a new way to chill out this summer in Pittsburgh, Sub-Zero Ice Cream. This thick and rich ice cream is created with science and each visit is a great spectacle. 

Really fun sundaes made with science!

The Science Behind Sub-Zero

The skinny on this new ice cream phenomenon is a multi-step process that results in a sweet dessert. There is a set menu of you can build your own. Guests start by picking the milk or cream. They have a range of cream from full to low-fat and yogurt. They dispense your selection into a big metal bowl. Next, guests can pick a flavor. Chocolate, cotton candy and raspberry are just a few of the flavors. Then guests can select a mix-in. The mix-ins can include fruit, candy, and nuts. 

After all of the ingredients are placed in the big metal bowl it is placed under this unique nozzle contraption. There is then a rushing sound and nitrogen begins to shoot from the nozzle creating this fun smoke show. All the while the employee is churning, chopping and mixing the items together. After a few seconds the smoke quiets and what is left is ice cream. It is then scooped into the freshly made waffle bowl and topped with a sauce or whipped cream.

The Education Behind Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero can come to the classroom or activity at your school. As a special treat, they travel to the activity with a tank and all the fixings. They give an educational presentation on Liquid Nitrogen. Then they perform 4-5 science experiments with Nitrogen and then everyone gets ice cream. Perfect for science class, girl and boy scouts and any sports activity.

Where to Get a Scoop; a Sub-Zero Near You

Currently, there is one in the Pittsburgh area located in the South Hills next to Whole Foods. Sub-Zero is located at 100 Siena Drive #230, Pittsburgh, PA 15241. Hours vary throughout the week and start at 3:00 PM and daytime hours on the weekend starting at 12:00 PM. For more information or to book a science presentation visit

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The G.O.A.T. Sports Bar: Pour a Beer, Order a Burger and Watch the Big Game!

The G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T. Sports Bar brings fantastic food and cocktails to a fun sports atmosphere, perfect for a Pens game.

The GOAT sculpture
Meet the GOAT Mascot

Enter The G.O.A.T. 

Just a short trip up the road from the Penguins sports complex in Cranberry sits G.O.A.T. with an elaborate interior you don’t know where to look first. All of the major sports are represented. 

In the back of the restaurant, along the top of the walls, is Hockey jerseys from all the N.H.L. teams, and situated below is a large booth that holds a few tables made out to look like a hockey rink. 

As you round to the side and head back towards the front, you can see the brick wall to symbolize Forbes Field and baseball in general. At the end of the wall is a glass case of memorabilia from local sports. 

The Football items are more present near the bar area with helmets and other things to show off. The entire G.O.A.T. Sports Bar is covered in T.V.s. I don’t think it is possible to miss the game from any spot in the restaurant. I loved watching the Pens play while dining.

The bathrooms have some comedic art in them. I am just going to leave it at that.

Now let’s chat about the hidden room. I say it is hidden cause we didn’t know it existed in the previous restaurant, and you don’t see this room unless you rent it or ask, but let say it is perfect for a draft party. There is a large room split into two furnishing lots of large T.V.’s. One of the rooms has a pool table, a few video games, and some high-top tables. The other room is outfitted with leather seats and couches and some end tables, more like a living room. I could see a bachelor party there or a draft party. The rooms are available to rent.

The G.O.A.T. Cocktails

Libations at The G.O.A.T. Sports Bar have such variety it was hard to pick just a few. Big Springs, located in State College, have a hand in the restaurant’s opening and a taproom next door, so most cocktails are made with Big Spring Spirits. The much has a few different sections for cocktails: Clubhouse Cocktails and Tap Cocktails. They have about six cocktails on Tap, including a Springria, Big Springs Vodka, Aronia Juice, Orange Cordial, lemonade, and Club Soda. 

I had a Ruby Rum Fizz, Big Spring Rum, Grapefruit and Guava Juices, fresh lime, and cane molasses syrup. Also, I had a Pink Lloyd, Seven Governors Gin, Tait Farm Raspberry Shrub, Orange Cordial, and Fresh Lemon Juice.

At the G.O.A.T., there is an extensive beer list with Taps and cans, and bottles. 

The Food of G.O.A.T. Sports Bar

If I were to say I didn’t geek over the food, it would be a lie. The food was terrific, with every bite better than the last. I began the meal with Mediterra Bakehouse Soft Pretzel Sticks with a double side of beer cheese. Another notable Pre-Game is The G.O.A.T. Wings; Five whole jumbo chicken wings with local Pittsburgh favorite Uncle Jammy’sJammy’s Sauce (Multiple to choose from). 

I had a G.O.A.T. Super Smash Burger; two 4oz smash burger patties, American cheese, griddled onion, pickles, shredded lettuce, fancy sauce, and brioche bun.

Another notable dish is the Steak Frites with a Ribeye and an order of fries.

Check out The G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T. is located in Seven Fields, just a few short miles outside of Cranberry. Reservations are available through Open Table. For more information and full menu, visit The G.O.A.T. Sports Bar’sBar’s site.

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